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There is a growing sense that cancer immunology is entering a mature phase in its development and that the long cherished hopes for the field—effective immunotherapies for cancer—will become a reality in the coming decades.

Cancer Immunity, initially launched by the Academy of Cancer Immunology in 2001, and adopted as the official journal of the Cancer Research Institute in 2012, provides a unifying and interactive site for the exchange and discussion of facts, findings, and ideas about everything relevant to the aspirations of tumor immunologists. In short, the publication is a responsive and safe harbor for all aspects of cancer immunology.

Contrary to those who view the field as nothing more than wishful thinking or the propensity of some recent converts to believe the field started with their own work, those of us guiding Cancer Immunity view cancer immunology as having deep and strong roots, and recognize the broad base of discoveries made over the past century that provides the field with a firm foundation.

From its origins, the field has been plagued by difficulties. One arises from the fact that cancer immunology is a hybrid discipline, and even though the parents have shown intermittent interest in the offspring, they have not taken responsibility for its nourishment and growth. As a consequence, there is a random quality to the publication record of the treasures of cancer immunology. However, nothing has been more harmful to the field than the recurrent episodes of uncritical enthusiasm and exaggerated claims that have punctuated the history of cancer immunology and have done damage to its reputation. Unfortunately, journals, funding bodies, and companies have frequently been swayed by such unrealistic promises, opting for novelty and fashion instead of soundness and importance. With its Editorial Board made up of leading contributors to the founding and development of cancer immunology, Cancer Immunity is in a unique position to establish a tradition of excellence, consistency, and comprehensiveness.

Cancer Immunity is committed to reflecting the broad and growing influence of cancer immunology on the study of cancer and on the search for ways to control the disease. Both laboratory and clinical studies are welcome, and papers and reviews will cover the full gamut of topics of interest to tumor immunologists, from identifying cancer antigens and characterizing the immune response to them, to developing strategies for effective vaccine-based and antibody-based therapies. In addition, Cancer Immunity will provide a continuing update of:

  • The SEREX DATABASE, a repository of human tumor antigens defined by serological expression cloning

  • The rapidly growing list of human tumor peptides/proteins recognized by CD8+ and CD4+ T cells
  • The CT (cancer-testis) family of genes and antigens

  • The new antigenic targets and antibody constructs being developed for antibody-based therapies

The journal provides running commentaries on topics of general interest to cancer immunologists, such as heat shock proteins, cancer immunosurveillance, adjuvants, immune modulators, and immunological escape mechanisms. Finally, the origins and history of the field are explored in a series of invited reflections by leading cancer immunologists.

Please join us by contributing your work and thoughts to Cancer Immunity. A grand adventure awaits us as the full impact and importance of cancer immunology on the study and control of cancer become evident.

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